"Rampini" Ceramics

The art of shaping raw materials and decorating them has been part of the Tuscan artisan tradition for centuries, of which the Rampini family is a worthy representative.

The Rampini family is originally from Gubbio in Umbria, a center of ceramics production since the 15th century, and about 25 years it has moved its business to Tuscany, precisely in the wonderful hills of Radda in Chianti.

Chianti Handpainted Ceramics 1

Their ceramics are completely handcrafted and individually painted, strongly influenced in technique and decoration by Renaissance art and craftsmanship and also by the Tuscan countryside that surrounds their workshop. The result is a very high quality product that embodies both the legacy left by the Tuscan tradition and also the ability of the Rampini family to experiment and renew itself according to modern tastes and needs.

Chianti Handpainted Ceramics 2

Among the collections of the Rampini family you can find complete lines of table and kitchen ceramics as well as purely ornamental pieces but you will also have the possibility of having customized ceramics in color and / or design, thus obtaining a unique and inimitable product.

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