"Berti" Handcrafted Cutlery

<<The same craftsman, who starts working the knife, will finish it too and then sign it with his initials. >>

This is the motto of the Berti family, manufacturer of high quality handcrafted knives since 1895. 100% tuscan artisanal tradition with more than 100 years of history, since the shop has always been located in Scarperia, in the Mugello area about 30 km from Florence.

The value of this family and its knives lies in the fact that they have managed to keep intact all the techniques used in the first years of production, also using the same materials and creating an authentic and special product, which could never be born from a solely automated process. In fact, each knife is handmade by a single craftsman, without the splitting the production between several people, who takes care of its creation from start to finish and signs it with his initials, precisely to give an identity to the fruit of his work.

Tradition, however, does not mean not keeping up with the times and in fact the Berti family has been able to use innovative shapes and materials suited to modern society needs, without however abandoning the artisanal method that has characterized this brand since its birth. The value of these knives in fact lies in the fact that they have always been made this way, meaning made to last over time.

These knives are made for all those who, both at the table and in the kitchen, want to dedicate the right attention to food preparation and cutting, enjoying not only their flavor but also the pleasure of cutting them in the appropriate way and with the right tools.

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