"Anna Ermini" Florentine Jewellery

Anna Ermini has been a Florentine artisan for more than 30 years.

She studied goldsmithing and silverware and she specialized as a designer. After working for many well-known companies, she acquired a great deal of experience that led her to create her own brand.

Florentine Jewellery

In her workshop, in a splendid location close to Ponte Vecchio in the heart of Florence, Anna creates splendid silver and gold jewels totally designed and handmade by her, with the use of precious stones and other materials of the highest quality.

The peculiarity that characterizes her  work is that thanks to her travels and researches she often manages to find very rare materials, sometimes historical and very ancient, of which there are few pieces in the world if not even only one and uses them to create unique and inimitable jewels.

As Anna says, every craftsman has his own method and hers is to combine ancient metalworking techniques with a modern and contemporary design: the result is a truly special jewel.

Florentine Jewellery

Her creations are really suitable for everyone and for all ages: simple and refined jewels but also eye-catching and elaborated according to the different personalities and the mood of the moment because as she says each jewel expresses the inner light of the person who is wearing it.

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